Vinyl Decal Overlay - Compatible with A90/A91 Toyota Supra "Toyota" Front and Rear Emblem

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Change the look of your MK5 A90/A91 Toyota Supra with these emblem overlays! Background is gloss black. Color choice is for the Toyota logo. 

Compatible only with MK5 Supra, 2020-2023. Please read FAQ before ordering.

NOTE: Please see best color matches below. While they are not 100% paint code match, they are the closest option that we offer.
- Signal Yellow to Nitro Yellow.
- Gloss Black to Nocturnal Black.
- Gloss White to Absolute White.
- Red for Renaissance Red.
- Grey for Turbulence Grey.
- Silver Grey to Phantom Grey.

Comes with one for the front emblem, and one for the rear emblem.

Each emblem overlay is a two-piece install. There is a solid gloss black background oval, and then the Toyota logo in the color of your choice.

All backgrounds are sent in gloss black.

Any issues? Please reach out so we can help!

These are NOT new emblems. They are vinyl decals that cover your existing emblems. These are not made by Toyota.